Built for individuals, small teams, as well as enterprises.

  STANDARD speed nodes SUPER-FAST nodes
Package Free Scaling Massive Enterprise Front-Running
Price 0 USD/mo
0 ETH/mo
54 USD/mo
0.014 ETH/mo
540 USD/mo
0.14 ETH/mo
Custom 900 USD/mo
0.24 ETH/mo
API calls 5M/mo 15M/mo 300M/mo Unlimited as core package
API calls Rate limit
10/sec 50/sec 200/sec Unlimited as core package
Priority Support No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Apps
3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Start now Start now Start now Request Learn more

Custom Package

Any Method = 1 API Call

ZMOK does not have any computer units, credits, complexity counting on your API calls. Our pricing is transparent. Any ETH Method calculates as 1 API call.
Read the full comparison to two major Ethereum API providers and find how much you can save by switching to ZMOK.



Pay with a direct transaction on Ethereum blockchain

Credit Card

Pay using a major credit/debit card. Calculated in US Dollars.


Pay with a standard wire/bank transfer and EU ex. VAT invoice. Calculated in USD or EUR.

Ready to get started?

ZMOK fast nodes are always for free, but with rate limits. No trial, no credit card, no email needed. If you’re ready to find out how easily you can connect to Ethereum blockchain and benefit from having fast nodes immediately, start your first app now.

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